December Favorites

This monthly post is a little late, but with the holiday season winding down, I’ve got the time to finally sit down and make yet another favorites list! This time, for the month of December!

December is filled with childhood memories, family traditions, and coziness. Speaking of which, I’m writing this while sitting on my heated plush blanket I won during a white elephant party. It’s become a permanent throw on the couch making the chilly mornings and evening a little more comfortable (especially after the crazy arctic blast the Midwest and East Coast recently experienced). If you are consistently chilled like me, this is a must have and is the first favorite for me this month (not pictured).

So lets continue with the list of December Favorites:


December 2013

Vanilla Bean Noel Shower Gel by Bath and Body Works: This stuff smells incredible and it’s super sudsy, making those extra long and hot showers that much more enjoyable after a cold day. It’s so sweet, it’s hard not to want to have a taste.

Vanilla Bean Noel Whipped Shimmer Body Cream by Bath and Body Works: The perfect counterpart to the shower gel. It’s incredibly light and comes out of the can just like whipped cream! So cool. A little goes a long way, making good bang for the buck. The moisturizer does the trick plus adds a little sparkle and glow to your skin.

Knit bow hat from World Market:  I admired this hat while shopping around World Market and was surprised by my boyfriend when he purchased it for me! How sweet. I call it my happy hat and it goes with EVERYTHING and is incredibly warm.

Bright hoodie by Windhorse: My mom gave this to me for Christmas. During some of the darkest days of the year, it’s a great way to add a lot of color to those dull days. It’s comfy and fun. What more do you need in a hoodie.

Wheat Thins Holiday Crackers: I have always been a fan of Wheat Thins. These are the perfect cracker for snacks throughout the day. The holiday edition features hexagonal shaped crackers with imprints of candy canes and snowflakes. While I munch on these by themselves all the time, topping them with some sliced cheese makes a fantastic hors d’oeuvres for one or many.

Sunset Magazine, article – Peak Experience: This travel, foodie, lifestyle magazine has always kept me inspired, but now it’s time for my bragging rights as an extra for one of their photo shoots. That’s right! Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro is a tasty restaurant on top of Highlands Mountain in Aspen, Colorado where a group of friends and I munched all day on some of specialty dishes and sipped on wines for the December issue. Note, the mulled wine is to die for! And you can try it as the article spills on some of the delicious recipes.

Gingerbread Spice Tea by Celestial Seasonings: Hot drinks (especially tea) are a must during the cold months and this tea flavor is probably one of my favorites to treat myself too. The only miss for me is that it’s caffeine free.

Chocolate Ibarra: I grew up sipping on this Mexican hot chocolate every Christmas morning. My dad would make this for us the moment we woke up to hold us over during our unwrapping of stockings before breakfast. It’s hunks of spiced dark chocolate that you melt in milk. Simple and so tasty. I like mine extra chocolate-y and hot.

Flipagram: This is a free app that takes your selection of photos and music and creates a slide show you can send out to your friends or post on your social media web page. I did this to commemorate the year 2013 on New Years Eve and everybody loved it! It’s easy to use, quick, and super effective. It’s a great idea to use for a little thoughtful birthday e-mail, anniversary gift, or a thoughtful hello to a friend.

That covers my December favorites. Can’t believe we’ve left that month AND that year! Happy 2014 to everyone! Here’s to a great year to come!


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