November Favorites

Throughout the month of November there have been some constants in my life. Whether it was trying something new, or going back to an old favorite, this is a list of those things that made the month of November a more little special…and bearable.


My November Favorites

The Sweater Shirt: Mossimo Supply Co. makes amazing clothes. I can’t walk into Target without at least admiring their latest seasonal clothes. This cream colored sweater shirt caught my eye instantly. It’s cozy without the scratch and heaviness of your average winter sweater and it’s got a delicate lace detail across the back. I don’t own too many light colors, but this shirt makes me feel warm and rich, perfect for the cold temperatures without feeling too bulky.

Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Tea: Celestial Seasoning has some fantastic holiday teas. Anything limited addition feels like a treat. And when you get to sip on warm spiced pumpkin tea, you can’t help but feel in the Thanksgiving spirit. I’m down to my last tea bag. It takes a while to steep to my preferred strength, but it sure does hit the spot, especially after a long and chilly work day.

Colby-Jack Snack Sticks: Sargento has created one of my favorite snacks! They are like an elegant string cheese, but without the stringing or the mozzarella. They are great on the go and a perfect pick-me-up at any hour. It’s hard not to eat 3 or 4!

Lavender Hand Cream: L’Occitane is one of those luxury brands that you get as a gift and use sparingly to the very last drop. I’m a huge fan of the calming effects of lavender. I use this cream before I go to bed every night and feel like a queen. The stuff is good too! It’s light and creamy and a little goes a long way! This tube lives on my bedside table and once it’s gone, there will be another to replace it. It’s one of those staple items.

Foot Lotion: Bath and Body Works has come out with the True Blue Spa ‘series.’ I heard about the Cracked Heel Treatment and thought I would give it a try. I don’t have cracked heels, but my feet do tend to be on the dry side, plus I’ve got some calaces. The packaging states that it gets the “heel of approval” and I agree. I’ve used this stuff almost every day and see an obvious difference in how smooth my feet have become. The credit goes to the glycolic acid. You pay for that big word and smell the medical notes in it too, but the results are worth it!

Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner: Dove Hair Therapy has come to the rescue. I now understand what people mean when they say their hair is straw-like. With the winter months approaching, it’s only going to get dryer and my hair can’t afford any more nonsense. Dove Shampoo rocks. The first day I used it I was hooked. I was able to use a lot less of it too. The special ingredients target the karetin in your hair to basically reconstruct it. It smells like product used at hair salons too so you can’t help but feel pampered.

Chubby Stick: Clinique’s Super Strawberry lip color is the ultimate everyday lipstick. It’s also a color that can go from summer to winter. It darkens up my lips just enough and it hydrates them. I’ve had plenty of lipsticks that dry out my puckers. I love it and use it all the time. But don’t expect it to smell like a strawberry.

The Crazy Ones: I look forward to tuning in to this show every single week (CBS Thursdays at 9)! It’s a 30 minute show with life morals thrown in there and a whole bunch of comedy. It’s also a series you can pick up and watch at any time because each episode pretty much stands alone. It’s refreshing nowadays when just about every show is an hour long drama with complicated character and plot twists. This one is simple, funny, easy, and bound to be a classic.

Sunset Magazine: It’s time for my bragging rights. My home town and ‘locals’ mountain is featured in the December 2013 issue highlighting the posh Cloud 9 Alpine Bistro. It’s a high end ski in/ski out mountainside restaurant atop Highlands ski resort. It’s a warm you up kind of place to get the tastes of great wine, cheese fondue, raclette, and now locally focused game and fish dishes thanks to Chef Michael Johnston. The article features several great recipes and some shots of familiar faces. A group of friends and I filled the place up to dine and be merry for the restaurant’s photo shoot. Looking through the article brings back all the fun memories and full stomachs we had that day.


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