This morning I decided to browse through some of my favorite pins on Pinterest. It’s a website with a plethora of recipes, art, quotes, crafts, products, and tons more and its contributors are the creative public. Although I have not contributed to Pinterest myself, I have certainly used it as a fun tool to find new things to try and do. My favorites list is overflowing and part of that is because I have not gotten around to trying many of them.

Some of it has to do with time, yes. But there is an even deeper reason for putting off the creative juices and trying new things. It’s the fear of possibly failing or making a mistake. This issue goes beyond just doing a craft. Some people may call it procrastination or stalling or just letting it slide. But I bet we have all found ourselves putting something off in our life because of the fear of messing up.

Among my favorites, was a quote:

If you’re making mistakes, it means you’re out there doing something – Neil Gaiman


Quote of today

To make his point, he’s left the ‘e’ out in something and later added it with ‘^’. It’s simple, clever, and SO TRUE! Mistakes are how we learn and advance ourselves. They can be embarrassing, difficult to accept, stressful, and plain old awful. But, I think back on all the times where I sat back and stayed in the ‘clear’ and all lot of the time I had nothing to show for it.

Obviously you must be smart about what risks you take. There are things you can do to avoid unnecessary mistakes. But in the big scheme of things, putting yourself out there without thinking about whether or not you will succeed will allow you to achieve something.

So, why have I left all those crafts pending in my favorites box? Simply because I don’t want to make a mess of things? That’s silly, but I think it’s pretty true. Something so simple and harmless but it bleeds into ‘real life’ stuff too. Not taking the jump into a job opportunity or risking the comfort and support of a familiar home to try some place new.

I better start practicing making mistakes.


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