Daily Prompt: Simply Irresistible

Tell us about the favorite dish or food that you simply cannot turn down.


Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea. I guess it doesn’t really qualify as a food, but it is the tastiest beverage and when the craving occurs, there is no stopping my efforts to find the hot, or rather, chilled, commodity.

It’s a common drink in Southeast Asia and can often be found in Thai Restaurants around the United States. I was first introduced to the creamy drink in college. A friend and I walked down our university hill to try out a Thai restaurant we had passed by multiple times. She suggested I try Thai Iced Tea. Her description didn’t sound too appealing. It’s a strongly brewed black tea with spices similarly used in Chai Tea. But it gets its sweetness and creamy orange color from condensed milk.

Sure enough, the orangey drink was served over ice and I was weary about trying the concoction. One sip and I was sold. It had the most incredible and rich flavors. It was comforting and happy tasting. Indescribable really. I would make late night trips to this restaurant just to take a glass of the tea to go during finals week.

After graduation I would look forward to returning to visit my friends, but also make a pit stop at the emphasis Thai restaurant, of course, ordering the signature drink there. It wasn’t until two summers ago that a Thai restaurant was introduced to my hometown and my travels could rest for a while as they had Thai tea on the menu.

I’ve done my fair share of travel and most recently spent several months in Edinburgh, Scotland. They have a plethora of Asian cuisine that was incredibly satisfying, but with a high price tag. Down the street from where I was living, I stumbled upon an Asian market. It carried authentic anything from varying countries. The owner barely spoke a word of English, but sure knew everything about the shops Asian delicacies. I ended up coming across a powdered version of Thai Iced Tea by Nestle. Of course all the instructions on how to prepare the drink was in Thai, but I purchased the fixings and took it home. After some trial and error, I was able to make my favorite drink in my own home.

I have yet to find such a concoction in the United States and I haven’t tried making it from scratch myself, although I think I could as I have mastered my own version of Chai Tea at home. Plus, that craving is sure lingering, as a local Thai Restaurant hasn’t appeared on my radar as of yet. But the search will continue. Especially after writing this. I have officially awoken the craving. Cheers.


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