What is OSU

I have begun to immerse myself in the Ohio State livelihood. The mid-west state is clearly proud of their  University. The Ohio State University, or OSU, is the pride and joy of the sports world in Ohio, and being in Columbus, there is really no excuse for me not to attend games among the die hard fans.


OSU Football

I attended my first Ohio State Football game last month and couldn’t help but get in the spirit. I looked the part sporting the school’s colors of scarlet and gray and waved pom poms around. But I was really excited for watching the halftime show with the infamous marching band and the incredible coordination of the group creating a walking cowboy and the classic Ohio script.

I’ve experienced my own university football games and loved the energy of the student section and of course I watched our states professional football team. But OSU is the one and only football team for Ohio and that makes its fan base huge! The proud Buckeye State makes it known at local shops and restaurants with team wear, Buckeye shaped candies, jewelry, a more.

Tonight, I’ll dip my toes into the OSU football scene and I’m psyched. Like any sports experience, I look the part in OSU colors. I can’t wait to munch the vendor foods and cheer among some of the most dedicated college sports fans. And I bet you anything, I will be spelling and yelling O-H…I-O by the end of the night among them.


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