The Character List

There is a selection of characters from movies, books, and play that have a special place in my heart. They are characters that somehow resonated with my little 5 year old self (and up) enough to be able to recall them today, although, sometimes not without questions as to why I was so attached.


Rose Petal

Rose Petal: My next door neighbor had given me this movie. As I recall, I watched this movie over and over and over again. And, according to my parents, it was probably one of the worst movies ever. I only recall how awesome it was. I especially loved the beginning when it was live action, later turning into a cartoon.



Barney: Yes, the big purple dinosaur. I have a picture of me opening up Barney for Christmas and my face tells it all. He was my hero. I probably watched Barny past the expected age, but I do remember it was because those kids along side him were pretty much my same age, and I thought how cool it would be to get to play too.



Kirsten: My first and most special American Girl doll. I know this is more of a toy, but she did come with a series of books and is probably the single most played with toy from my childhood. I don’t think I ever even got through her first book as her friend was dying from an illness. It was sad and scary. But, I certainly spend hours making up her life and playing it out.



Boxcar Children

The Boxcar Children: I wanted to be one. The idea of fellow brothers and sister fending for themselves and making house in an abandoned box car sounded like so much fun! I had always sort of romanticized the idea of being an orphan and I have no idea why. I grew up in probably the most loving family and was happy, but orphans interested me and lit my imagination. Plus, it was an awesome chapter book (at least to a little kid).


A Little Princess


A Little Princess: I listened to the book on tape before bed

and watched the movie (but never owned it). Again, something about orphans and fending for yourself.

I loved this story. She was a clever girl who was full of imagination and believed so much in others and her doll. She made people feel special in the way she told stories

and spoke of magic. I wanted her to be my best friend.

What are some of your childhood memories and favorite character?

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