Monday Monday

It’s hard to believe where Monday went. It was hard enough getting up and out of bed after a busy weekend, let alone getting back into the work week. On top of that, it was a must market Monday. Our fridge was pretty bare. So a Mexican food dinner out and a super market sweep has landed us in the tale end of our evening with our Monday night shows still in queue to watch.

I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling drained already at the start of the week. But have no fear! It’s time to pull out more of my favorite YouTube videos! Here’s to round two:

Shit Skiers Say:

I’m from a ski town and growing up in that environment was awesome. This video hits on a bunch of funny quarks that are actually fairly accurate! Plus, it’s pretty appropriate to start with as this past weekend the slopes opened after a huge winter storm. The ski season is upon us.

Her Morning Elegance:

A friend of mine introduced this video to me while studying. Ha. yeah, YouTube is dangerous when you are trying to avoid procrastination. But, it’s a beautiful video that is so creative!

6 Easy Ribbon Hairstyles:

This is a perfect thing to try out, especially as the holidays come up! I love DIY and make up videos, but I rarely put them to the test. This one has some excellent and incredibly cute hair styling ideas with ribbons.

Hand Hug:

Brittani Louise Taylor, also know as BLT, is a happy go lucky YouTuber that is consistently positive and funny. I really like her S.O.S videos (shout out Sundays!). This is one of many worth watching.

I hope these perk up your Monday and the rest of the the week! Let me know which is your favorite!


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