Monet Impressions


Claude Monet, the Impressionist artist. Paris, France.


Water Lilies

Fun fact for the day: It’s Claude Monet‘s birthday! The Impressionist artist was born in Paris, France in 1840. Before Monet, the outdoors were purely sketches.

He’s the one all the artists parked out in parks and on bridges with their easels need to thank for making painting outdoors a thing. His technique of painting changed everything with visible brush strokes.

He experimented with painting the same landscape during different times of the day and weather conditions, showing the changing colors and shades.

His most popular painting is probably the Water Lilies, a series of three canvases painted with oils. These were inspired in Monet’s personal garden.

I’ve certainly been one to admire the artist each month with a collection of his paintings in a daily planner as well as on various screen savers throughout the years.

In fact, I’ve got a bit of art hung up in the apartment that greatly reflects Impressionism. A landscape of what I assume to be New York City on a cloudy day hangs over our dinning nook. So you could say, I am naturally drawn to this type of art.

I love something so colorful and abstract, and yet across the room, hangs two black and white photographs of magnificent boulders. Sticking with the outdoors theme, but certainly taking a great leap away from brush strokes and vibrant colors.

It just goes to show how so many different styles can still speak to you with the same impact, but for different reasons. What sort of art are you into or interested in? Do you have any distinct favorites or do they kind of blend together? In celebration of Monet’s birthday leave a comment of your artsy thoughts.

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