Watch Your Worries Away

Some how the day got away from me. It’s actually been a hectic weekend and I have a feeling this isn’t the last. The holidays are around the corner and as ready as I am to start the festivities, there is some endurance to be had. This weekend tested my endurance.

To keep me going, I often turn to happy entertainment on the go. YouTube is my go to for feel good vids. In case you need some giggles during the busy days this season, here are some of my favorite videos I’ve saved over the years. Check them out!

This parody of Katy Perry’s California Gurls makes me laugh! I went to the University of Colorado where this video was directed and shot and am a Colorado girl through and through:

Kev Jumba shares the sensitive side of guys in this video:

For all you travelers, check out these helpful tips posted by Natalie Tran:

Fan of Jelly Beans? Watch this stop motion music video and you will be craving those little chewies!

Get up and dance! Anywhere:

Don’t worry, another slue of videos is sure to come in a later post. Share your favorites too!

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