A Writing Routine

It’s official, today marks 1 week into NaBloPo and NaNoWriMo and with 7 days of writing under my belt, I have certainly developed some writing habits, or rather, a sort of writing routine. I’ve settled in and gotten comfortable for the long hall.


The writing space

The writing space is important. I’ve read this in homework guides over the course of my education and listened to authors describe their favorite nooks or coffee shops for writing in interviews. I’ve hunkered down at the dinning room table and I’ve chosen the seat situated in a sort of nook, near the kitchen, next to a window, facing out to the living area. I can see everything from where I sit.

Lighting is key. Not so much because you need decent light to write on a computer. You could write in pitch black if you wanted to thanks to a lit screen. But I like the cozy feel of a lamp cascading its glow in my writing space. Of course natural light is ideal too, and if I ever do write during the day, I’m in the perfect place to catch the sunlight.

I don’t have any set time to write. My schedule is too sporadic to have that sort of set time frame. Because of that, some postings will be written in the morning while others late at night. As long as I hold myself accountable to my commitment, it doesn’t really matter when I write.

Having a cup of something (usually hot) near by is key. It’s something to reach for and sip on while pondering the next thought. In face, I just took a swig of my Tetley’s black tea in a mug with the cartoon of Speed Racer on it. It’s like having that pause in a conversation you need every once in a while to regroup.

In college I was all about listening to music while writing final papers. Going back through my play list, my top played songs are all from movie soundtracks like “Amelie” and “The Holiday” or the “Bourne Supremacy. No lyrics, just melodies that keep you moving. But out of the 7 days I’ve been doing this, I’ve not once listened to any type of music. No TV or any type of background ambiance. Just quiet.

A pair of slippers is often worn along with a sweatshirt or robe. Comfort is key, and lately the chill in the air has gotten too present to ignore. Sometime I even drape a blanket around the shoulders.

The trickiest part is having all these things situated just right, turning the computer on, and then having a hard time coming up with anything to write about. Some call it writers block, laziness, uninspired, or just being stuck. I have found that I am brainstorming ideas before I fall asleep in bed or while at work and it gets me excited for the next day. The hard part has been having enough time to give my post idea the tender love and care it deserves. Sometimes, it’s cut short. But that’s a good problem to have during a project like this.

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