Let’s have a Peek


Purse, satchel, handbag, tote, etc…


For whatever reason, I have always been fascinated by what people carry in their bags. To me, it’s like a behind the scenes peek of their lives and what’s important to them. I’ve been sucked in to watching countless YouTube vlogs titled, “What’s in my bag” and they never seem to get old. In fact, just the other day, one popped up in my subscription box and it felt a little bit like Christmas. I couldn’t wait to sit down and watch a perfect stranger dump out the contents of their purse and go through each item and describe what is it, why they carry it every day, and if there is any deeper significance.

Considering what I carry in my purse on a day-to-day basis makes me feel a bit boring, if not minimal. But, I figure, if I enjoy content like that, there’s bound to be someone else out there intrigued by my purse content as well and if they are anything like me, end up purchasing a new lip stick or wallet because it looks new and cool. So, let the purse dumping begin.

  • Daily purse: Target’s Merona crossbody handbag in beige. I carry this thing everywhere. I can wear it on my shoulder or across the body. It has an outside zippered pocked which I never use, a small and large opened pocked inside, along with a zippered pocked in the inner lining.
    •  An empty Bath and Body works hand sanitizer, flavored warm vanilla sugar. I go through those things too quickly, but they smell nice and after pumping my car with gas, it’s the first thing I reach for.
    • Are You Red-dy Maybelline lipstick. I love a bold red lip. It’s a color I wear all year round!
    • A mini Clinique perfume bottle of the scent of Happy. It smells incredibly fresh. I love the oval shape of the bottle.
    • Clinique’s Chubby Stick moisturizing lip colour balm in mega melon. I put these on as much as I put plain old chap stick on. Unlike regular lipstick, my lips are not dry after using this.
    • Clinique’s Chubby Stick in super strawberry. I’ve certainly used this one a bit more as the tip is running low.
    • Maybelline’s Baby Lips SPF chap stick in peppermint.
    • A pink highlighter with the post-it pulls attached to the end. I rarely ever use this when I’m out. But, I know if for whatever reason, I am ready and armed to take some notes.
    • A piece of salt-water taffy and butterscotch candy. The good news is that candy never really goes bad. I think I’ve had these twp pieces in my purse since this summer. No matter what I like to have some sort of pick-me-up.
    • A sticky note with what type of tires my car has on them and the contact info to a local tire repair. Yes, I recently had a flat tire and I will probably keep this not in my purse or car until the next one so I won’t have to call every place to figure out what they carry and how much.
    • A silver cardholder embossed with the letter “L” filled with mine and other business cards. Still quite full. I suppose I should start passing more out.
    • e.l.f shine eraser. I’ve grown up in a very dry climate, but recently I have moved to one that gets pretty humid so these have been an ultimate lifesaver during the midday mug.
    • A toothpick. Every single time I am in a restaurant and see the pre-packaged toothpicks, I grab a handful. I’ve been caught one to many times working at my teeth with my tongue trying to get leftovers out.
    • A check that needs depositing.
    • A very full coupon book.
    • A half crossed off marketing list/to do list.
    • A customs declaration stub for a recent package I sent off to a friend overseas.
    • Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted mini lotion. To be honest, I picked this lotion out for the packaging. It’s cool pinks, blues, and purples with some silver shine, but it smells pretty fantastic too.
    • L’Occitane date bouquet Shea butter hand cream. I got this sample as a free gift with a magazine last November and have savored it ever since. There are maybe one or two more drops to get out of this limited edition before I will throw it away.
    • The fortune: Great acts of kindness will befall you in the coming months. Lucky #’s 24, 31, 47, 38, 45, 37. Learn Chinese – ‘de’=His.
    • My iPhone
    • A clutch wallet filled with all the wallet-y things.
    • My key chain containing my car keys, apartment key, mail key, pool pass, and rewards cards.

Well, there was certainly a lot more in there than I thought! And as much fun as I have watching vloggers go through their bags, I had an equally fun time doing the same with mine.

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