Putting Away October

This summer I took the independence leap and got my own apartment. The overwhelming part of decorating the living spaces is done and I am happy to say, the place has finally come into it’s own and accepted me as it’s dweller. But the main thing that made a home for me was holiday decorations!

We had boxes stacked high in our closets growing up. They were filled with every type of decoration for every holiday on the calendar. We would pull them out, dump the contents out, pilferage through and pick the hot items to present for that year. Of course we would always be adding to our collection as new themes and styles of decorations would come out around that time as well.

You could say I’ve got a clean slate now. No kindergarten hand crafted Thanksgiving hand turkeys or cinnamon glued candles, but boy do I miss the convenience of being able to shop in my own closet for decorations from years past.

July was the first month in the apartment and the first thing I looked for was a place to hang an American flag. The entry door was really the only thing accessible and visible to onlookers. I took a trip to the local hobby store and came home with a stick on hook and door hanging that read, in red, white, and blue writing, ‘FREEDOM.’ That stayed up through August and made me giddy seeing it every time I came home.

September rolled around. Schools started and apple picking was in full swing so I made it a theme for the month and found an apple shaped door hanging inscribed with ‘Apple Orchard’ on burlap. But that was really all I could think to do.

What I was anxious for was October! Now there is a month that is well represented in holiday decorations and more!

Light your entry with these terracotta jack o'lanterns. They made a great statement at the entrance without the rotting problem of real pumpkins.

Light your entry with these terracotta jack o’lanterns. They made a great statement at the entrance without the rotting problem of real pumpkins.

Through charity of family friends, October proved to be the most authentic of decorations. Three nesting doll style taracotta jack o’lanterns sat next to our doormat for the month.

I found flickering tea lights with automatic timers and put one in each. Every night, I couldn’t help but peek out to see them glowing in the night.

I splurged and created a bouquet of haunted flowers, feathers, leaves, twigs, and a skeletal hand

Haunted flower arrangement

Black and burgundy flowers are inserted among twigs, glittery balls, and a skeleton hand.

and I managed to fill a jar with fall potpourri and another with candy. Of course, I couldn’t leave the door unadorned. A ghostly figure was hung up and fluttered at passers by.

That was the first month the apartment looked like someone was truly living in it. It was also the first time it really felt like what a home should.

So, to commemorate October as the highlighted month in the apartment, I have compiled my favorite, event, Halloween costume, foods, drinks, and fashion into a sort of monthly favorites blog to give it a proper send off.

To kick off the month, I attended my first Renaissance Festival. Surprising to me, there were more people dressed in full costume, making me and my group stick out like a soar thumb. Jousting, archering, and a mud show were all activites we experienced and loved.

Of course you can’t attend a Renaissance festival without chewing down a turkey leg and sipping some hard cider. I had my first taste of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider. They have several other flavors worth trying too.

I indulged in the pumpkin spice latte craze (also known as PSL) twice and savored every sip. I can’t help but enjoy the seasonal drink. Of course, now the signature Starbucks red cups have begun, making me even more excited for the upcoming season!

A fun treat that was so easy to pop hand fulls into your mouth were pumpkin spice M&M’s! So good. It was hard to track down this limited edition flavor. Needless to say, I hope next October I see more on the candy shelves.

At the end of the month there was a significant drop in temperature and while I wasn’t quite ready to pull out the down parka, I needed an extra layer. I have already put the cute polka dot vest to good use! It warms the core and looks cute doing it too.

I found the perfect his and her minion costume from the “Despicable Me 2” movie. We got a lot of use out of them too! After three festive outings during the Halloween week, they still held up and we didn’t get tired of them!

And finally, Halloween night arrived and we stuffed ourselves in our minion garb with Chipotle‘s $3.00 burritos (a charity event).

October was a festive month, and I’ve got the decorations, costumes, and treats to prove it. I’ve already started brainstorming how my November decorations will be. Here is to a happy November.

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